Vision, Design, and Craft

Rob Hetler brings a lifetime of hand craftsmanship and an artist’s eye to the fine casework and furniture he builds in his shop on Whidbey Island in Washington State. Through thoughtful design and skilled execution, Rob expresses his passion for aesthetically beautiful woodwork that creates a sense of harmony, completeness, excellence and intrigue.

A self-confessed “wood hound,” Rob uses the finest domestic materials and is fascinated by the constellation of relationships inherent in the material of wood: the relationship between the tree and history, between the craftsman’s tools and the wood’s surface, and between the finished objects and the clients who live with them for a lifetime.

Rob’s ongoing tactile conversation with wood translates into simple, elegant objects with smooth, radiant surfaces, well-fitted joints, and artful details. His commissioned work includes projects of every scale, from jewelry cases and a monk’s meditation box to tables and bedroom sets, to fully installed kitchens and libraries. At every scale, he seeks to create one-of-a-kind work that expresses artistic vision and expert craftsmanship.

Rob cultivates warm relationships with his clients and enjoys collaborating with them through the evolution of a project. His Greenbank shop is often open to the public and always open to clients with an interest in the furniture making process.

“I have always believed that when everything in a project is in harmony, even if a viewer is unknowledgeable about woodworking, they will be calmed in the presence of such work. They instinctively know that this is something of value. There is quality, even if they cannot define it.”
– Rob Hetler